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Nov 2020 Update

  • Due to covid this project is now delayed until Spring 2021.
  • If you have received a letter asking if you want to participate please note sign-up is now delayed but you can still call to express interest in participating when the time comes & we will make a note of this.

What is Airoom?

The project involves the installation of a smart air ventilation product. This product replaces traditional vents, which are open at all times, with a smart vent which opens and closes according to local conditions. This is expected to reduce the u-value and therefore lower energy bills and provide improved comfort through draft reduction.

More on the product on AirEx, the manufacture’s, website here.

Who can take part?

  • In Gosport this project is currently operating in PCC owned properties only (if you have a large amount of suitable properties please contact us or Airex)
  • These properties must be an EPC rating of ‘D’ of below for the funding conditions
  • The property must have the traditional mid-floor air vents

Why Take Part?

  • Save energy – helps the environment and hopefully your bills too!
  • Improved comfort – stop unnecessary drafts in your property
  • Incentive – voucher incentive (please get in touch for more specifics on this)

About the project?

  1. After receiving a letter, call or knock on the door someone from the project team will explain the project and ask you if you would like to participate.
  2. Then a short survey is needed to make sure your property is suitable
  3. If your property is suitable to take part, an install date will be booked in via the installer
  4. Once installed another part of the project team will then drop off monitoring equipment so they can check how much energy the product saves of the 6 month monitoring period
  5. At the end of the monitoring phase, the project team will pick up the monitoring equipment
  6. Then you received a voucher to thank you for taking part

Contact us

If you’re thinking of taking part and have any questions on the Airoom project please email with the subject: Airoom. Or alternatively call our Airoom designated Project Officer on 02392 841 084.

Or if you are taking part already and have questions we advise you to please contact AirEx directly.