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Ofgem who regulate the UK’s energy suppliers have put emergency measures in place, to support customers during this time.

UK energy suppliers have signed an agreement to ensure ‘measures include ensuring prepayment and pay-as-you go customers remain supplied with energy through challenging times and supporting all customers in financial distress’. More info click here.

The situation is rapidly evolving and in weeks to come we may see many customers struggling to pay their energy bills and plans from suppliers are also in place to address this. However, the priority for now is helping vulnerable customers, especially those out of the 4 million customers in the UK who are on pre-payment meters.

Switched On Gosport have put together some useful information to help you with your energy and water bill and supply during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Most energy suppliers have posted advice on how COVID-19 may affect their services. Please visit your supplier’s website for their specific response. We have linked several here:


Boost Power


British Gas




N Power

Ovo Energy

Scottish Power



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