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ECO Flex Installers

Gosport Borough Council participates in the ECO flex scheme which enables households to access government funded energy measures. For a household to access this they will need to find an installer participating in this scheme. Below is a list of installer we currently sign eligibility declarations for. They typically cover Gosport, Gosport & Havant. Not all are based in the area so you’re best to check with them directly if they cover your address.

Please note Gosport Borough Council’s role in this process is to confirm if a household is eligible for the funding. PCC take no responsibility for the quality of the works, as this relationship sits between the household and the installer.

  1. Aura Gas
  2. Baxter Kelly
  3. Energy Specifics
  4. Instagroup 
  5. RJM Insulation
  6. South Coast Insulation Services (SCIS) Ltd
  7. Dyson Energy Services 
  8. Redleif Ltd
  9. J&J Crump & Son
  10. The Warmer Group 
  11. JM Eco Installers Ltd
  12. Urban Renewable Power Ltd
  13. EnergySmart Nationwide Ltd
  14. Energy Saving Group
  15. Enviromental Technical Services
  16. Free Eco Funding Ltd
  17. A&D Carbon Solution
  18. Eaga Energy Ltd
  19. Zing Energy
  20. Knowle Engineering Ltd

If you are an ECO installer looking to join the list please contact