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Gosport Borough Council ECO Flexible Eligibility

This form is to be filled out by an installer on behalf of a resident.

Identifying eligible households

Please fill in and submit in the below form which will be send to the Gosport Borough Council/Switched On Gosport team

    Resident Details

    Measures to be installed

    Name of installer

    Email address of installer

    Resident has given permission for data to be submitted

    Details have been verified by referrer

    Standalone Criteria

    Resident lives in a Park Home or Permanent Caravan

    Eligibility Criteria
    The resident qualifies under our 'fuel poor' criteria if they meet one or more of the following criteria

    Or the resident qualifies under our 'Low Income High Cost' criteria by meeting both A) & B), as below:

    Is the resident in receipt of an income related benefit?

    Does the household have an annual income of less than £35,000 after paying rent/mortgage, council tax and utilities bills?



    Does the household have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of D or lower?

    If YES, please provide EPC rating & RRN of the EPC certificate

    Where the resident does not have valid EPC, please fill in the below to determine high cost

    How many bedrooms are there in the home?

    What type of property is it?

    Was the home built before 1964?

    What is the main wall type?

    What is the main heating type?

    Heating system completely broken down?

    For the property to meet criteria, the score must be a minimum of 6. Please add up the number of points in the above 6 fields.
    Total score

    Privacy Notice

    Any personal information you give us is held securely and will be used only for Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Flexible Eligibility purposes. ECO Flexible Eligibility is a broader set of eligibility criteria set by the local authority to enable more resident's access to ECO funding, as stipulated by central government.
    Information that is collected for the purposes of ECO Flexible Eligibility will not be used for another local authority purpose. By signing this form, you are confirming that the resident has been provided with the necessary privacy information and has consented to the local authority sharing this information with the relevant Obligated Energy Supplier or ECO accredited installer for the purposes of ECO Flexible Eligibility. The local authority may however share this information where necessary with other organisations, including (but not limited to) where it is appropriate to protect public funds and/or to prevent fraud.
    In line with the data protection principles, personal information will only be retained and used for as long as is necessary. Where that information is no longer required, it will be destroyed in line with the Council's Retention Schedule. Anyone wishing to withdraw their information should contact

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