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Child-related eligibility

Our schemes have a wide range of eligibility criteria to do with health, income or other vulnerabilities.  Some child related eligibilities (you only need one to be eligible not them all):

  • Responsible for a child under 15 who lives at the property
  • Child benefit
  • Child tax credit
  • Health conditions

Eligibility criteria for:

1) The broken boiler replacement scheme: any of the left and must also be an owner occupied property with a broken gas boiler.


2) The free first time central heating scheme: any of the left and must also be a property that does not already have central heating i.e. all electric for example storage heaters.


3) Fuel top-up vouchers: any of the left. A family can benefit from fuel top-up vouchers if they are on a pre-payment meter. Please contact us for more info on this.

How to offer the help

Ideally talk about the support available with the parent or guardian. If this feels slightly outside your normal remit to discuss there are ways to promote the support subtly:

  • Make sure all staff at the school are aware of the support available- you know know when it could come up.
  • Could our leaflets go in a pack that kids take home?
  • Would you like leaflets & posters for your school reception?
  • We’re also happy to offer free staff training and can do stalls at events.