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Save Water

Did you know that your water use at home contributes to your energy bill as well as your water bill.

If you have a water meter, you pay for the amount of water use. If you are not on a water meter, reducing your use of heated water can reduce your energy bill.

Each UK household is estimated to use 330 litres of water a day. About 20% of a typical heating bill is from heating the water for showers, baths and taps. This costs on average around £135 a year.

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How can I save water?

Changing the way you use water can reduce your usage significantly. Try taking shorter showers, or installing small water saving measures such as cistern bags, which you can get for free from your water supplier.

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Should I get a water meter?

You are either charged on your water bill based on a fixed (estimated) rate, or on the actual amount of water you use, measured by a meter. Changing to a water meter might benefit you if you don’t use much water, or if there a fewer people in your property than there are bedrooms. Water meters can be installed for free via your water supplier, and you can still ask for a water meter if you are renting your home. You have the right to be switched back to fixed billing within 12 months of having the meter installed.

Standard water meter

Are there any discounts available on water bills?

If you are on a low income and are struggling with your water bills, you should be able to receive assistance through a social tariff. 15 companies now have this tariff in place, including Portsmouth Water and Southern Water.
You must apply to be put on these tariffs with your water supplier directly.

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What if I have additional needs?

All water companies have a Priority Service Register which offers support to vulnerable customers so that they always have access to a water supply even during service interruptions.
You must apply to be put on the Priority Services Register directly with your water supplier.

Southern Water Priority Service Register

Portsmouth Water Priority Service Register

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