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Home improvement advice


Switched On Gosport wants Gosport residents to make informed decisions when making home improvements.

This section of the website provides information to get you started.


10 tips to save money and stay warm this winter

  1. Check if you’re eligible for a free home energy visit! You could get: free LED bulbs, radiator reflectors, referrals to an income maximisation service to boost your income, referrals to grant-funded larger measures like insulation & more during a free energy visit.
  2. Check if you’re eligible for the Warm Home Discount Scheme (£140 off your winter electricity (or potentially gas) bill – read here for more.
  3. Insulate, insulate, insulate! Cavity Wall insulation is estimated to save you £95/year on your energy bill for a mid-terraced house (figure source). There is government funding for insulation, and you don’t necessarily need to be on a benefit to be eligible for funding.
  4. Check if you could sign up to your energy companies’ priority services register: this can give you advanced notice of planned power cuts, support taking meter reading if you are unable to and much more here.
  5. if you could save more on your water bills with Portsmouth Water & Southern Water.
  6. Check if you can increase your income. Our free home energy visits provides referrals in an income maximisation service or there’s also helpful guides here.
  7. Get money advice this winter. Our simple budget calculator is a good place to start. For more in-depth help, Citizens Advice Gosport has a team of specialist money advisers on hand to advise and support you with all of your money and debt queries.
  8. Set efficient heating settings – consider setting your thermostat and programmers for a comfortable but cost-effective programme. Between 18 and 21 degrees is recommended to be an efficient but comfortable range.
  9. Get a smart meter for a more accurate and real-time dashboard of your energy spend. This can send real-time reading to your supplier meaning accurate billing.
  10. Submit regular meter readings to your energy supplier so that they can bill you accurately.

We have many more tips on saving energy at home below!