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Insulating tanks, pipes and radiators

Un-insulated pipes and hot water tanks waste lots of energy. However, you can insulate these fairly cheaply by yourself.

It costs about £15 to buy a hot water cylinder jacket, but it could save you up to £70 a year on your energy bills.

You can also improve the efficiency of your radiators by placing reflector panels behind them, so that the heat they emit is not lost in the material of an external wall. A reflector reflects the heat back into the room.

You can pick up DIY insulation materials at a DIY shop. Alternatively you could receive them for free as part of our LEAP free home energy advice visits.


Still need help?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or still need help, Citizens Advice is a great service which provides information and advice on a range of issues. There are a number of pages with helpful information on home energy efficiency and energy suppliers.

A full list of Citizens Advice pages on energy can be seen below.