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Roof and loft insulation

A quarter of heat is lost through an un-insulated roof in your home. Loft insulation is effective for 40 years and should pay for itself due to the money you will save on your bills.

If you have easy access to your loft and there are no signs of damp and condensation, it should be easy to insulate, and it can be possible to do it yourself!

You can use rolls of mineral wool insulation to lay between the joists or rafters in your loft. Other methods include spray foam and insulation boards. Loft insulation can cost up to £400 to install (including the cost of the installation).

Grant funding

There is currently grant funding to support the installation of loft insulation within UK homes. This is called Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and it can fully fund the installation in most cases.

In order to access this funding you will need to be considered to be in a vulnerable situation, and contact an accredited installer to do the works.

How to find an Installer

Use our LEAP free home energy advice visits to see if you can access funding to install insulation.