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Solid wall insulation

If your properties has solid walls, insulation measures need to be installed from the inside or outside, as there is no cavity to fill. This will cost more than cavity wall insulation, but the savings on your bill will be much larger.

Insulation will be laid in rigid boards on the inside or outside of your walls. They will then be covered with netting, and a render or plaster will cover them. This can improve the appearance of your property.

Typical yearly savings on your energy bill after installing solid wall insulation can reach up to £540.

Grant funding

There is currently grant funding to support the installation of solid wall insulation within UK homes. This is called Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

This funding will only cover some of the costs.

In order to access this funding you will need to be considered to be in a vulnerable situation, and contact an accredited installer to do the works.

How to find an accredited Installer

An ECO accredited installer will be able to access the funding for you. We can assist you with funding a trusted local accredited installer as part of our LEAP free home energy advice visits.