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Sound Familiar?

Do you work for:

  • a housing association
  • a letting agent/rental service
  • a social landlord
  • private landlord

How can our services link?

  • Could your call contact team offer client’s energy support?
  • Could your maintenance staff flag up anyone who needs energy advice?
  • Could we send you posters & leaflets for clients?

Scheme-related tenure eligibility

If they meet the other eligibilities (health, income & EPC or vulnerability related) tenure eligibility is as below:

  • Broken boiler replacement scheme – owner occupiers only
  • Free First time central heating scheme – all tenures. For private or social rental install requires the landlord’s permission
  • Free home energy visits – all tenures and doesn’t require landlord’s permission as the advice and small energy saving measures supplied are not permanent installations. If you do get an onwards referral for a larger measure from the visit this install could then require permission.
  • Fuel Vouchers – all tenures (must be a pre-payment meter).


How to offer help

  • For all schemes they don’t have to notify their landlord at the early stages.
  • For the free home energy visit they don’t need landlord permission at all.
  • For larger help e.g. free first time central heating this will require landlord’s permission.