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What information you will need to make a referral

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact number (preferably two & an email address in case one does not work)
  • Tenure – i.e. do they:
  • a) own the property
  • b) privately rent
  • c) social rental
  • How are they eligible:
  • a) low income & low EPC (‘D’ or below)
  • b) means tested benefit
  • c) long-term health condition
  • d) over 60
  • e) Kids under 15
  • f) pregnant
  • g) registered on the priority services register
  • h) other – if you believe the client is vulnerable please discuss with our team
  • What their current heating system is: (e.g. gas central heating, electric storage heaters)

If your client has a carer/nominated contact

When referring to us we will need either:
  • a) Proof of power of attorney
  • b) Confirmation of consent from the customer that they are happy for the nominated person to be point of contact
  • Once we have this we can speak to the nominated contact
  • The nominated contact can be the primary contact for calls and can also be present at any visits
When referring them straight to the scheme:
  • You can click nominated contact option on the form

Translation Services

Our services are provided by two organisations:

  1. Agility Eco provide boiler replacement scheme, first time central heating scheme and free home energy visits (LEAP) and are equipped to provide translation services
  2. The Environment Centre & PCC: Top-up vouchers, advice, home visits & more: we can also provide basic translation services


  • We want everyone to be able to access our energy support.
  • If your client requires the support in a different format e.g. larger text we can provide this on request

GDPR Consent

  • Personal information is used for the purposes of providing the energy support to the client.
  • We need client consent to process, share & hold any data and where a client had authorised a referral we do need to check with them directly
  • The details of what the data is used for will either be listed on the referral form or an advisor will explain this on the phone if you are calling

Filling out the form

Online form typical questions:

Local council – the form should pre-fill your local council based on the postcode supplied but if not put this in. If you don’t know your local council you can check here

Social landlord  – if your client is with a housing association for example ‘Vivid Housing’ you can pick this from the dropdown list

If you are referring your client you will need to click the ‘referring someone else’ option instead of ‘applying for myself’

It will then ask for your details as a referrer (normally put your work email, phone etc)

It will ask in what capacity are you making this referral with a dropdown list of options. You can also click ‘Role not listed’

‘Referrer’s comments ( concise and relevant please)’: include anything that will help them deliver the energy support. Remember only put something the client would be okay with you mentioning

It may ask if anyone should be the primary contact. It will then ask for contact details & relationship to customer

There is also opportunity to list any accessibility issues (hearing, sight, language etc) so that the right support can be provided

Then you will need to read the data consent aspects & make sure the client has consented

What happens next?

For the boiler scheme:
  • The customer will get a call within 2-3 working days where they will check the eligibility and arrange for an installer to visit the property to survey & repair/replace the boiler.
  • The funding is subject to the technical survey and there being no additional cost complications.
  • If there are any additional costs we can then discuss if the customer is able to pay this or if we can explore other grant funding options
  • Within 10 working days of referral the client should have a working boiler
For First Time Gas Central Heating (Warmer Homes):

This scheme has a slightly longer timeframe & you can read more details on this here

The first step is confirming eligibility

Before receiving the gas central heating the property must first be insulated as much as possible.

The team will help with this process and these measures are likely to be fully funded.

Once the property is insulated the gas connection and boiler and radiator installation process will then take place

Once installed they will make sure your client understands the heating controls

For a free home energy visit:

  • the contact team will contact the resident to book in the appointment
  • They will try ringing the resident three times if there’s no answer they will send a letter to the address given
  • the appointment date/time is the residents choice
  • At the appointment they can get all the referrals, energy saving measure and advice they need
  • We get monthly reports on details of the help given to customers so if you call to find out how it went we can tell you this is the latest report includes your client. Otherwise you will need to contact LEAP directly for that information.

Fuel top-up voucher: