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Health-related eligibility

  • Heart disease, stroke or transient ischaemic attack (TIA), asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or diabetes.
  • Dementia, learning disabilities or mental ill-health that reduces individual’s ability to self-care
  • A health condition that can be exacerbated by living in cold including: cardiovascular conditions, ii. respiratory conditions (in particular, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and childhood asthma), iii. mental health conditions, iv. disabilities, v. terminally ill, vi. suppressed immune systems (e.g. from cancer treatment or HIV)


1)The broken boiler replacement scheme: any of the left and must also be an owner occupied property with a broken gas boiler


2) The gas central heating scheme: any of the left and it must also be a property that does not already have central heating i.e. all electric for example storage heaters.


3) Free home energy visit – due to covid this is predominately a phone appointment instead. Any on the left or read more here.


4) Fuel top-up vouchers: any of the left. Those with long-term health conditions can benefit from fuel top-up vouchers if they are on a pre-payment meter. Please contact us for more info on this.

How to offer the Help

  • When: perhaps at the end of a session
  • How: give them the choice of self-referral or for your service to refer them.
  • What if they aren’t sure? Give them as much information as possible and say how about you try again in however many weeks’ time. They can always call us and we are happy to answer any questions.
  • Benefits: a warm home is not only beneficial to their health but will be more comfortable home environment.

Join the Switched On Partnership

If you provide a health service in Gosport and want to help shape and deliver the support available join the Switched On Partnership group! The general group meets quarterly and there is also a health-focused sub-group which meets as required.