We are excited to bring you a new experience in Solar PV. Switched On Solar allows residents to assess the suitability of their home for solar PV at the click of a button!

What does it do?

Your Solar Assessment results tell you:

  1. Where on your actual roof is the best place for panels
  2. Your solar feasibility in a simple 5-star score
  3. How much money and carbon you could save each year
  4. An approximate cost of the system and payback period
  5. The ability to tailor your assessment results to reflect the actual electricity use in your home

How does it work?

Just search your address, hit EVALUATE and your results are with you in seconds. It really is that easy!

PLUS, Switched On Portsmouth is combined with a new service to support you through your journey to installing solar panels. We’ll talk you through your results and what they mean, and if you’d like a real-life quote, even refer you to one of our Approved Installers.

Want to know more about solar PV…

The links below can give you more insight to the world of solar PV:

Switched On Solar

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